For J's Sea Salts 7oz

For J's Sea Salts 7oz
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Take the taste test: Place one grain of our salt on your tongue and experience the "explosion" of flavor ... SavorBlast! The variety of all natural blends available are: Garlic , Maui Onion, Hawaiian Chili Pepper, Kiawe Smoke, Red Alaea Note that in regions of varying humidity, our sea salt may (though rarely) cake up as we do not add any anti-caking agents period. Other food grade salt may include anti-caking agents like calcium silicate, sodium ferrocyanide or potassium ferrocyanide to make their product flow freely. Nothing is wrong with our salt if it does cake. For your health concerns, we strongly feel that the minor inconvenience of breaking up the caked salt outweighs the need for these additives.

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